Maldohr Stoutshield

one cannot tell where the beard ends and the dwarf begins


grew up in a city placed at the bottom of a mountain next to the ocean, with his aunt, uncle and 6 siblings after parents had an axident. his uncle was a fisherman with many friends and one persistent rival.

he had an unusual birth as when he was born all the gold in the house turned to lead, along with the fact that maldohr is covered in fur.

at an amazing age of 7 maldohr managed to attain the basics of how one weilds a dwarwen waraxe, ever since it has been his preffered weapon of choiche when things gets close and personal.

at the age of 35 maldohr pestered, bothered and mercilessly annoyed a witch far too much and as a result he was cursed to forever wander, never allowed to stay in one place for any longer than 1 year and a day.

as it happens he was not immideatly seperated from his family as the next year they were forced to move by uncles old rival, and he spent one more year with them before he set out on his own.

as an adult he met Bromhilda during his travels, and it so happens that love blossomed and soon they were married, although Bromhilda stays at home, maldohr makes it a point to stop by now and then and spend the year there before the curse forces him to set out again.

Maldohr Stoutshield

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